Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another bomb in Pensacola

Patrick is on fire! He hit ANOTHER homerun tonight in Pensacola! Wow! That makes his 8th homerun of the season. Keep 'em coming, I say!! Patrick's batting average is now .330 with 26 RBIs! 

Liam and I listen to the game at home on the radio. We jump up and down and scream a lot!!! 


  1. Liam just jumps up and down and screams a lot all the time! ;-) I soo enjoyed skyping w/ y'all tonight. You're beautiful and he is soo cute and sweet. I feel like I really got to see his personality. Luv u.

  2. We loved seeing you too Aunty Cara! How cool was it that P hit his homer when we were skyping?! : )

  3. I am his new good luck charm! ;-)