Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It has been a while since I actually wrote anything here. Usually I just post adorable pics of Liam. But today I am feeling a little more full of love than usual. So I thought I would spill some of it onto this blog.

I keep thinking back to some words my mother said to me only a few years ago. "Don't ever have children." Boy, am I so happy that I didn't take THAT advice!!! Because until, November 2008 when Patrick and I became pregnant with Liam, my life was missing so much!

Liam is such a bright spot in my every waking moment. The love that he emits causes chest palpitations for me sometimes. It is literally painful how much I love that child. He is so adorable and so hilarious and so curious. I could go on for days.

The way Liam sits on the floor and reads his little books is precious. The way he grabs a ball in each hand and runs into the kitchen to bounce them on the floor is fascinating. The way Liam claps when he does something so Patrick and I will clap too is adorable. Get my point???

Patrick and I have a wonderful marriage. We love each other very much. But both of us agree that our lives are now more complete with Liam. He brings so much joy to both Mama and Dada.

I am not saying that being a SAHM is a cakewalk everyday. Because there are days that I get tired of changing poopy diapers. There are days that I get frustrated when Liam throws up from a chunk of something in his food. There are days when I need a massage and a foot rub. But every minute of every day that I have ever had to deal with a puke or poop is better than any day that didn't have LIAM in it.



  1. What I just read is the just about the best documentation of what a SAHM loves about it all! Wonderful!

  2. Aww...That is absolutely precious!! I have to agree when it comes to my kids. Staying at home may not always be easy, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Our home used to be filled with love before our kids, and now it's just overflowing!! thanks for the reminder holly!!