Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Talker

Yep, you guessed it: another blog bragging about Liam. Don't like it? LOOK AWAY. Yeah.....I didn't think you could.

Liam is almost 2. (The tears are welling up but I am fighting them back.) ALMOST two!!!! Really? He is such a big boy now. Eating ALL table food now. Swimming in the pool. I couldn't be prouder. The thing I am most proud of is all the words and phrases Liam is saying. Oh yeah, you KNEW a list was coming.

"Wow. Hi. Bye bye. Let's go. Go go go. Uh oh. Mama. Dada. Hello. Who is it? Come in. See you later. Hey girl. Cow. Duck. Quack quack. Meow. Ruff ruff. Okay. Eat. Please. Book. Bat. Ball. Bubble. Look. There it is. Here you go. Rock. Tree. Baby. See ya. Back. Oh yeah! Cool! "

He hasn't learned "pathetic" yet. Lucky for me, Liam still thinks his mama Rocks! For now, that is.

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