Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Star Game

Last night was the All Star game in Grand Prairie. The stadium was very nice! We got there in time for the pre-game ceremony. It was very exciting to see Patrick announced. Liam and I had a blast! The weather was perfect. Patrick had a hit his first at bat. It was a great time!

Liam before the game (this outfit was well-planned out but didn't last long)

Patrick and John before the game

Patrick on the jumbo-tron

Patrick on first

Liam with his buddy and fellow-Cats pitcher, Ryan Riddle

Here's the video of Patrick being announced.

Patrick's hit:

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  1. Love the "Planned" outfit! Cute!! :) Liam is such a handsome little man! He and Jacob would have a fun time together! Come see us! :)