Saturday, July 4, 2009

Liam's First Birthday!

Patrick and I celebrated Liam's first birthday here in Fort Worth. We are sad that our family and close friends that are far away couldn't celebrate with us, but so many of our friends here celebrated with us and gave Liam lots of love and attention! Thanks to those of you who have sent presents and cards to Liam! You are all so thoughtful!

We started out his birthday with the traditional Happy Birthday song. Liam had his own cake, so we let him have it in front of him. He wasn't quite sure what to do, but he discovered it tasted yummy. I had Patrick push the cake into Liam's face! Liam didn't think that was too much fun! After I cleaned all the cake off of his face, Liam opened his present from Dada and Mama. We got him a barnyard set with animals that make noise. It was a hit. (Also for Liam's birthday we are having a Cats jersey made for him with O'Sullivan and Dada's number, 22, on the back.)Uncle Gryb and Uncle John came by to celebrate with us.

Liam's birthday evening was spent at LaGrave Field watching Dada play baseball. Our good friends that we have met at the stadium, Mimi Janice and Michael-n-Jana, spoiled Liam by bringing him birthday presents to the game. Mimi Janice brought Liam a bouquet of balloons and 2 gift bags of presents, which included a Dodger doll and an Elmo doll and book! Michael-n-Jana brought Liam an outfit, an airplane, stickers, and cookies! Everyone is so good to Liam! They brought him down on the field with his buddy Dodger and sang Happy Birthday to him! Liam was so hot and so exhausted that he fell asleep at the game!

Liam got a bath when we came home from the game, so he was still up when Patrick came home. He was DELIRIOUS! He got the shivers, and so I asked him,"Did you get the shivers?" It turned into a laughing riot! For nearly ten minutes straight, Liam was cracking up at me asking him if he got the shivers. Finally, Patrick suggested getting it on video, and it was STILL just as funny! What a great way to end the night! It was a GREAT 1st Birthday!

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